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Your Heart Will Melt When You See Our Top 10 Pics of Adorable Kids With Their Canine Sidekicks

October 10, 2017

Is there any relationship more spectacular than the one between a kid and his dog? Their love and trust build a foundation that will last their entire lives. With a dog by his side, the child becomes an adventurer and a leader, and the dog becomes the sidekick and confidante. 

The bond between a kid and a dog is a strong one, full of joys and adventures galore. That’s why we’ve searched high and low to find the ten cutest kid/dog duos!

This curious pup who just wants to make sure his little charge is having sweet dreams

These best of friends who will stand by each other’s side until the end of time

These sleepy pals who love to nap together

This curious dog and kid who are checking out this cool pumpkin

This pup who just wants to watch over his best pal

These handsome buds who are destined to be Internet stars with their good looks!

This dog who likes to be sure his friend’s hair is styled just right!

These future "partners-in-crime" are learning to be friends.

This little Beagle who is keeping a close eye on his sleeping kid

These playful friends who love to play in the water together!

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