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Your Jaw Will Drop When You See Just What Rules The Queen Is Allowed To Break

March 14, 2018

When one holds a position of power, it’s understood that the eyes of the public will always be on her every move. They are suddenly held to a higher standard than anyone else and are expected to set the ultimate precedent for behavior and class.

Queen Elizabeth’s role is certainly no different. Her people adore her for a number of reasons, but, one, in particular, is because of how much class she has in every situation. She always presents herself in a matter that truly is fit for a queen and, that alone, is often enough to garner the respect she deserves.

Despite all of this, though, because of her position of power, she is allowed to skirt some rules along the way. A few simply come along as privilege to the position but others are way more bizarre than you would expect.


Everyone always despises tax season - and for a good reason. If we had a chance to omit the tedious process, I think we would all opt to do so. The Queen isn’t required to pay taxes herself. Because of the wonderful person she is, she chooses to do so every year anyway.


When you travel abroad, you cannot leave the airport without a passport in hand. If you’re the Queen of England, this doesn’t apply to you. No matter her destination, that’s one less item she has to worry about locating and packing.


If for some reason or another, the Queen was to be sued, it would go unnoted. Because of rules set in place, she is completely immune to being sued or prosecuted for any reason. This goes without saying that speeding violations also don't apply to her.

Ocean Life

One last wildly bizarre rule that has been in place for monarchs since the early 1300s is that the one reigning technically has ownership of all whales, sturgeons, and dolphins that inhabit the waters surrounding the United Kingdom. The reason isn’t clear, but to have this ownership is pretty boast-worthy!


Which strange privilege sounds the most appealing to you?

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