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Zara Tindall Caught Red-Handed Breaking Royal Protocol Just Weeks After Giving Birth. Now, It’s All Anyone Can Talk About

July 11, 2018

Being a mother is no simple feat. It’s not something that you can do from nine to five and then have the evenings off. It’s a 24/7 job, and it’s one that’s more rewarding than anything else you could do in life.

When you are part of the British royal family, those same feelings are applicable. Many women are working royals, meaning that just because they’re part of the royal family doesn’t mean they are exempt from a job.

They are just as busy (if not busier) than your average person. With the busy schedules they must fill and events in which they must attend, there isn’t much downtime in their lives.

Those with children have double the responsibility. While many have nannies and additional help with their little ones, they still feel the obligation to be the best mother possible for their children.

Sometimes, managing work and home life can be a bit difficult. And other times, trying to juggle both can cause you to break some royal protocols along the way.

Zara Tindall has been one royal mom dominating the news as of late. She is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and the daughter of Princess Anne. She and her husband, Mike Tindall, have two beautiful daughters together.

Mia Grace is their beautiful four-year-old, and Lena Elizabeth is their charming little newborn. Together, these little ones make the Tindall family complete.

It has certainly been an adjustment for Zara to go from having one child to having two, and, so far, she’s managed to do it with great ease. Just twelve days after giving birth, she unintentionally broke royal protocol, and she’s been getting a lot of attention for it ever since.

Recently, Zara was spotted out with Mia Grace to support Mike as he competed in the Celebrity Cup Golf Tournament at Newport Celtic Manor Resort. While this seems to be something quite ordinary for a normal family, it’s against royal tradition completely.

According to sources: “While Zara attended the event in a personal, not official capacity, it is out of character for a royal to attend a public engagement so soon after giving birth.”

The family looked to be in wonderful spirits as they paraded around the golf course. Zara looked exceptionally well considering how recently she gave birth.

While baby Lena was nowhere to be seen, she was likely in the loving care of a family member or sitter while Mom, Dad, and Big Sis got a little quality time together.


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