Baby Boomers Remember Using This Vintage Object. Do You Know What It Is?



Long before there were iPods, video games, and DVD players, young folks had other forms of entertainment. Technology wasn't a common commodity. The entertainment world was vastly different than what we're accustomed to today.

If you're a Baby-Boomer, you grew up in a time much like this. Instead of spending an evening lounging in the living room watching a movie on a flat screen, evenings were spent huddled around a radio.


Do these pictures bring back any memories for you? If you were born in a later generation, much like myself, you might have a wildly inaccurate guess (such as I did!). If you guessed drive-in movie speakers, you're CORRECT!

Drive-in movies were the hottest weekend activity. You would drive in, find a spot, eat some snacks, and enjoy the latest flick from the comfort of your vehicle. If you wanted to really get the full effect of the movie being shown, you'd need something pretty important - speakers!


That's where these snazzy gadgets came in handy. You always felt pretty neat grabbing one of these speakers to listen to a film. For its time, it was quite the high-tech item.

Nowadays, if you can find a drive-in movie theater, you just tune your radio to a specific channel to hear the film. Nevertheless, this will always be an incredibly nostalgic item that will be remembered for generations to come.

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