Mama Bear And Her Three Cubs Are Given A Chance To Cool Off On A Hot Day In One Adorable Ice Bath


If you have ever been camping, you probably saw a lot of wildlife. Birds, deer, and foxes were par for the course. One animal that you may have been worried about seeing while camping was a bear. Contrary to popular belief, Bears are usually only aggressive if they feel threatened.

The mama bear in this story was scheduled to be euthanized, but when workers saw that she had 3 cubs, they gave her a second chance at life and at having some fun with her cubs. One hot afternoon, at the Oakland Zoo, a mama bear and her cubs were in for a special treat. The mama bear and her cubs had been brought to the zoo under less than desirable circumstances but had quickly become favorites amongst the workers.


The mama bear had attacked an individual one afternoon in the wild. The state of California talked about putting the mama bear down, but because she had three adorable cubs, they reconsidered. Because the bear cubs were too young to weened, the state of California decided to give the mama bear a new life, where she could raise her cubs safely.

The mama bear and her cubs were transferred to the Oakland Zoo. The Zoo was over 100 acres and provided all of its animals with habitats that were as close to their natural surroundings as possible. This was the perfect place for the little cubs to grow up and for their mother to be kept safe.


Once rescuers transported the mama bear and her cubs to the Zoo, the rehabilitation process began for the family. Because the Zoo was dedicated to preserving the natural habitats of animals, the transition was seamless. In no time at all, the bear family had settled into their new home and were enjoying life.


The Zookeepers loved seeing the family thrive together and were so happy that they were able to give the mother a new life. One day, because they loved the bear family so much, the workers at the zoo decided the bears deserved a special treat during playtime. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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