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A Normal Car Ride Turns Into Hysterical Sing Along When Dog Hears His Favorite Michael Jackson Song [VIDEO]

June 13, 2017

If we can be honest for a second here, we have all, at one time or another, sang our hearts out in our cars. Whether we put on our favorite CD or our favorite song unexpectedly came on the radio, we threw caution to the wind and belted our hearts out like we were on American Idol. The only thing that made it better was when we had a friend in the car that would sing like a fool with us. The dog in this video puts all to shame when his human companion puts his favorite song on! 

It was just another typical day for this dog and his human companion. They had been hanging out all day and were on the way home. There was no music playing and the dog's human companion seemed to know that he wanted to listen to something. The dog did not simply want to listen to the radio, however. There was a very special song he loved.

The dog's human companion hit play on the car's CD player and a Micahel Jackson song started to play. Th dog immediately began to howl right along with the song. Nothing could stop the dog from howling his heart out to his favorite tune and his human companion couldn't but laugh. WATCH the video below to see the dog's hysterical sing-along!


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