Fisherman Sees School Of Fish In The Ocean. When He Gets Closer He Notices Something Astounding

September 15, 2017

The ocean is a beautiful, incredible mystery full of wondrous things. Have you ever been out in the ocean and all you see, for miles and miles, is endless water? Hidden beneath that water, though, are mystical and magical creatures who call the ocean, home. You can only hope to, someday, get a glimpse of what’s happening below the surface of the water.

When these fishermen head out off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, the last thing they expect  to come across this. I am sure they had hoped that, one day, they would see such a wonderful sight. When it actually happens, however, their minds are blown. They notice a school of ‘fish’ swimming but, as they get closer, they realize that the school of fish is actually a pod of dolphins.

As the dolphins swim closer the fishermen get to experience, first hand, the magic that happens in the vast ocean. The dolphins are enjoying their afternoon and aren’t going to let anything stop them. Watch the video, below, and allow it to take your breath away.

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