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A Woman In Central Florida Frantically Searches For A Generator Only To Come Up Short. A Complete Stranger Hears Her Situation And Does The Unthinkable

September 08, 2017

It seems as though tragedy can bring people together in the most unimaginable ways. While no one hopes to encounter a disaster, we soon learn that they are inevitable. When a natural disaster hits, it rocks an entire nation. The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey broke the hearts of the entire United States. People from blue collar workers to A-list celebrities donated goods and funds to help those affected by the terrible storm. The newest hurricane, Irma, is causing even more fear and panic across the nation. Because of its frighteningly large scale, Americans are doing everything in their power to brace themselves for this monstrous storm. Stores are being wiped clean of their non-perishable foods, bottles of water, coolers, and other supplies.

Generators are another hot commodity flying off the shelves. At a Lowe’s in Central Florida, a man named Ramon Santiago quickly walks through the aisles, searching for supplies. Ahead, he sees the dwindling stock of generators. He quickly scoops up one of the remaining items and places it in his cart. As he continues to shop around, he hears something that catches his attention. A woman stands nearby, weeping, completely overcome with emotion. He hears the pain in her voice as she realizes there are no generators left.

She then goes on to say that she’s in desperate need of one because her father is on oxygen. This news is more than Ramon can handle and he knows he has to do something. He turns around and walks directly toward this stranger. He insists that she take the generator in his cart, because the need is much greater for her than him. She begins to weep even more and wraps him in an emotional embrace. It’s moments like this that make you truly appreciate one another, whether friend, foe, or stranger. Watch this video to see the selfless act that Ramon did for a complete stranger.

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