Alice Is A Feline Diva That Has The World In Love. When People See Her, They Are Mesmerized By Her Beauty


We all love our cats and think that they are the prettiest kitties in the whole wide world, don't we? While it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people can rightly say that their cat is a truly unique and beautiful specimen. Whether they have beautiful eyes or a lovely patterned coat, some cats seem to stick in our minds more than others.

Meet Alice! Alice is a Persian Mix that has gone from the loneliness of shelter life to feline fame on Instagram. When her new owners adopted Alice, they knew right away that they had a special cat on their hands. Just look at the exquisite marble pattern on her gray and white silky coat!

Alice is not only beautiful, though, she has the diva personality to match! Alice loves to get all dolled up and have fun with the camera. This is just another reason she has risen to stardom on the internet. Alice also seems to be a typical cat and have an obsession with boxes, whether she fits into them or not!

It is no mystery as to why Alice has almost 15k followers on her Instagram. She is both stunning and entertaining! Alice is such a pretty kitty and we are so thankful that her person decided to not keep her beauty for herself but to share it with the world.

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