Few Things Are More Adorable Than Watching Little Pups Get A Haircut!


Haircuts are the absolute best. There's no better feeling than to walk into a shop or salon feeling a little shabby, and within minutes, feeling like a brand new person!

When your hair gets a little shaggy and overgrown more so than you're comfortable with, you don't feel like you look as sharp. Even your confidence is a little shaken!

I truly believe animals feel that exact same way about their appearance.


They're generally pretty happy-go-lucky, but when their hair gets a little too long and a little too fluffy, it can be a drag.

When pups look their best, they tend to feel their best!

Whenever I take my dog to get a regular trim, he, by no means, is the most excited dog on the block.


Like most dogs, scissors make him a bit skittish and nervous.

Once I calm his sweet little nerves, he manages to settle down long enough to let the groomer hook him up with the best haircut of all!


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