Live Video Of Kittens Playing In Cat Heaven

July 14, 2017

In the video above, this crew of adorable kittens was rescued from a local shelter where their fate was undetermined. Thankfully, the team at the Big Cat Rescue facility in Tampa Bay took them in. Now, they're living the absolute dream in cat world! They have everything imaginable to play with and spend their day frolicking around from toy to toy.

When a teeny kitten is born, his eyes are tightly sealed and don't begin to open until he is around eight days old. At this time, it's a little difficult for them to focus for a week or so. Once the kitten reaches two-three weeks of age, he's able to see wonderfully! By this time, he's also gained a lot of strength in his legs and is able to run, jump, and play! Now that he's got his vision and his strength, there's nothing that can stop him from exploring the big, exciting world around him. 

They're truly amazing little creatures to watch. Their zest for life is inspiring and incredibly contagious! If you want to see more amazing live videos, click "NEXT PAGE" below.

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