Peel Garlic Like a Professional Chef With These 3 Tips

June 13, 2017

Peeling garlic can be a pretty tedious task. Removing the skins from the cloves can be so daunting that sometimes it's easier to forego the use of garlic altogether just so you don't have to worry about the peeling process.

I know there have been times when I skip the use of garlic. Even though I love it so I don't always have the time to fool with those pesky skins. 


If you're anything like me, you find yourself spending an unnecessary amount of time to peel a few cloves for a recipe. After all the trouble you go through, you're stuck with the strong smell for hours on end.

Ever wondered how professional chefs are able to peel them at lightning speed? If only there was a way we could learn their tricks. Oh, wait - there is!


The pros over at ChefSteps have created a video to help us with our garlic conundrums and we couldn't be more grateful. They have three various options of how to peel garlic in a matter of seconds.

Check out the video below to see their handy tips. Not only will you be able to peel the cloves quickly and be able to forego smelly hands. It's a win-win!

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