Pet Parents Have A Newborn Photo Shoot For Their Teeny Kitten And The Images Are Cuter Than Words Can Say


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If you're an animal lover, you know as well as anyone that there are few things in this world as precious as newborn animals. Much like newborn humans, they love to sleep a lot and their teeny features are unbelievably precious to behold.

It's easy to catch yourself staring at them for hours while they sleep, pondering how something so little could be so angelic. You can't help but want to snap hundreds of photos of the littlest addition to your fur family because they're SO DARN CUTE.


Good Housekeeping

One professional photographer decided to do just that. With her skills and a little imagination, they created a breathtaking photoshoot that is gaining a ton of attraction on the internet.

Her daughter, Amelie, recently adopted a newborn kitten named Luna and that instantly sparked the idea for the photo shoot. She was perfect in every way and they wanted a special way to remember this moment.


Good Housekeeping

Kitty Schaub of Kitty Lee Photography is the mastermind behind this stunning project. She typically spends her time photographing newborn babies. She simply couldn't resist the opportunity to commemorate this special moment and we're so glad she did!

While this little nugget was fast asleep, Kitty swaddled her in girly prints and adorned her head with teeny headbands. These photos really do speak for themselves. They're so precious!


Good Housekeeping

The fabrics used and the meticulous styling are impeccable. Who would have ever thought to have such a precious shoot?


Good Housekeeping

I don't know about you, but I'm a little upset that I never thought to have something like this done when my fur babies were little. These will be precious memories that they'll have forever!

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