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This California Woman Does Something Unbelievable to Help Injured, Homeless Dogs Receive Care

December 20, 2016

Many years ago, when Annie Torres was financially struggling and would come across a helpless dog in desperate need, she didn't even hesitate to take the poor animal to the veterinarian.

Torres would then live on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, using her money towards the vet bills instead of on herself.

"There were some years that we really struggled. But it was worth it. It meant that an innocent dog would not get put to sleep because they couldn't get vet care," Torres said.

Two decades after saving her first dog, she has since made it her life mission to help as many homeless and injured dogs as she possibly can.

So far, she's single-handedly saved one 200 dogs that she found roaming around back roads or those in line to be put to sleep.

The cost of saving all these animals has been over $50,000. Every single penny has come out of her own pocket.

She often finds these dogs warm, loving homes. If she is unable to find a home for these dogs, she keeps it herself. She currently has twelve dogs.

In the fall of 2015, she created a non-profit called Crash Fund. This organization provides free spaying and neutering services for local dogs. She was ablate raise $10,000 which paid for 100 dogs to get spayed and neutered for free within a three month period.

"When people call me up after their free services and say how grateful they are, that they did the right thing and don't have to dump puppies at a shelter, that takes the sting out of what is happening every day. I have to focus on the good we can do, one dog at a time," she said.

"Seeing a dog dumped, a poor, beaten down creature, and showing them love and watching them blossom and turn into the most incredible living creatures you can imagine is a reward beyond money, and beyond anything you could imagine."