This Family Of Guinea Pigs Is Sure To Have You Grinning In No Time Once You Get A Look At Them Playing

September 14, 2017

Guinea Pigs are some of the most social creatures around. In fact, in Switzerland, it’s actually illegal to keep them by themselves because of their gregarious nature! When these adorable critters get together, you get to see so many adorable behaviors and how they truly interact with each other!  

One woman has the cutest little herd of guinea pigs that we’ve ever seen; and these three make me want to add some to my family! Their family consists of three beautiful Guinea Pigs: a red one named Mr. Ginger, a white one named Snowy, and a gray one named Frieda.

In my opinion, Frieda, with her adorable gray fur, is the cutest of the bunch! She loves to try and nibble on flowers, even when she’s not supposed to! Snowy loves to chew on their wooden house and cause as much trouble as she can, little punk that she is. Mr. Ginger is an absolute peach, and he takes some of the best photos around! It’s not hard to fall for him with his stunning good looks! It’s safe to say these are absolutely the three cutest Guinea Pigs on Instagram today!

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