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Your Heart Will Melt When You Watch This 3 Month Old See Her Mom For The Very First Time [VIDEO]

May 18, 2017

It is safe to say that there are few things that are more contagious than a baby's laughter and smile. Whenever I have had a bad day, my wife and I simply had to make my daughter giggle and all was right with the world again. That definitely could be the case with this adorable little girl and her mama. 

3-month-old Delia had been struggling to see clearly since birth. Her mommy and daddy had been to many appointments trying to figure out how to help their little girl. They eventually found out that Delia needed a special pair of glasses to help her eyes focus. After 3 months of blurry vision, the glasses finally arrived and Delia's parents could hardly contain their excitement. 

Delia's mommy gently placed the special glasses over her daughter's eyes and an immediate smile crept over Delia's lips. She could finally see her mother's face for the first time. The joy that exuded out of Delia as she giggled and cooed was only matched by the love and happiness that came pouring out of her parents!

 WATCH the video below to witness Delia seeing her parents clearly for the very first time! 

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