After Being Sighted In Louisiana, People Can't Stop Talking About This PINK Dolphin [VIDEO]



People have been inventing and writing about mythical creatures for centuries. Unicorns, mermaids, and dragons have been some of the most popular creatures in fairytale literature. Sadly, it has been an impossibility of ever seeing one of these mythical creatures in real life. That is, until recently. 


Recently in Louisiana, people have spotted a rare PINK dolphin. While it may not be a unicorn, it does appear to be something out of a dream.  The dolphin, named Pinky, was first spotted in 2007 and since then people from all over have been dying to catch a glimpse of the adorable pink skinned sea creature.  



The reason for Pinky's colored appearance is the fact that she is an albino dolphin. Other traits of albino dolphins are their red eyes and their blood vessels. The underproduction of the skin pigment, melanin, is what causes the pink hue on Pinky's skin.   With only 14 albino dolphins having been spotted since 1962, Pinky has been considered one of the rarest dolphin sightings in recent memory. 




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