Cats See Bird Outside And Eagerly Begin Watching It. What They Don't See Is Their Doggie Brother Sneaking Up Behind Them.


The age old rivalry of cats and dogs doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We have all seen movies are read books that pit dogs and cats against each other. My cat, Patches, was never a fan of the neighbor's dog. However, she always seemed to creep close enough to the fence to annoy them. When they spotted her she would run back inside, but we would always find her back at the fence minutes later. The cats in this story were just minding their own business, but their dog brother decided to shake things up. 

One day, 3 cats were inside their home minding enjoying the air conditioning. Everything was going great until one of the cats noticed a bird outside. The cat quickly told his 2 siblings about the lone bird and the trio immediately went to the door to investigate. Sure enough, there was the bird, enjoying the sunshine.


The cats couldn't believe their eyes. The bird seemed to be sitting there, taunting them. The cats were stuck inside, cut off from their prey by a troublesome screen door. Still, they continued to wait, plotting some way to get to the bird. As they kept their eyes trained on the bird outside, none of the cats noticed their doggie brother coming up behind them to see what all the fuss was about.

The dog had come to see what his cat siblings were so interested in outside. When he saw that it was just a bird, he was confused. There were plenty of other, more interesting things to look at than some bird. His siblings couldn't even get to the bird, so why were they so keen to watch it all day!? The dog decided he needed to shake his cat siblings out of their trance.


Apparently, the dog just couldn't sit idly by and let his siblings waste their day away. The dog snuck up very carefully and, all at once, pounced! The cat siblings went scattering with fear, in all directions. The owner who just happened to have a camera could do nothing but laugh hysterically.


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