Horse Sees Delicious Grass On The Other Side Of The Fence. What He Does To Get A Bite Is Absolutely Hysterical


Horses truly are incredible creatures. Their large stature, flowing mane and tail, and elegant gallop are absolutely mesmerizing. From time to time, though, they like to break the mold of elegance and they become downright hilarious!

They definitely have a mind of their own and they each have pretty prominent personalities. You don't often have to wonder what they're thinking because their expression and body language say it all!


Some horses are extremely rambunctious and get excited easily. They'll begin to run around, joyfully neighing and raring up when they're happy. Others are more laid back and mellow, always slow and steady in everything they do.

Gunner is a horse with a personality all his own. He is a pretty hilarious guy and finds a way to make everyone smile with his silly antics. On this particular day, he's feeling a little more on the lazy side. I'm sure he'd had a long morning and just wanted to take a load off.


While he's lounging around in the mud, soaking up the warm sunshine, he happens to notice some delicious-looking grass on the other side of the fence. This made him instantly become hungry.

There was no easy way for him to eat the grass and lay around...or was there? Watch the video below to see how he managed to double-task. It's too funny for words!

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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