Huge Adorable Dogs Are The Best Big Brothers To Little Girl. Now Another Baby Is About To Meet Them For The First Time [VIDEO]


When Ruby was born she was welcomed into the family, not only by her mom and dad but also by some cuddly furry giants named Wooster and Biggie. These two furballs were the family dogs. They were Bernese Mountain Dogs, which made them big, with lots of soft hair. The perfect companions for Ruby. 


Once Ruby met her doggie siblings the laughter never stopped. As Ruby grew she learned plenty of new skills, such as learning how to walk her giant siblings down the street. Wooster and Biggie also taught Ruby a new and hysterical way to play hide and seek. 


Ruby was trying to hide one day and Wooster and Biggie decided to help. One of the dogs, promptly, sat on Ruby, effectively making her disappear. The hiding spot would have worked a lot better if Ruby wasn't laughing the entire time, but who could blame her. With all the fun Ruby was having with her furry brothers, she had no idea that she was about to introduce them to a brand new family member. 






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