Tiny Kitten Thrown From A Car As A Huge Trucks Swerves Widely To Avoid The Kitten. This Man Is A Hero In My Book!


Can you imagine driving down a freeway and in the middle of the road you see a teeny tiny kitten. Well that's what happened in Russia. But Don't worry little kitty, you have a hero on the way. One man  stopped traffic and risked his life to save this abandoned kitten. While others swerve, barely miss and even run over the top of this helpless kitten. One man stops his car and grabs the kitten from sure death.


While others swerve, barely miss and even run over the top of this helpless kitten. This brave man stops his car and saves the kitten  from certain death. Rescuer was identified as Denis Degtyarev, from Primorsky.


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