Neglected Bulldog Tied Up In 100° Heat Is Given A New Chance At Life When Rescuers Arrive [VIDEO]


One day, while walking on a backroad, a woman came upon a heartbreaking sight. A bulldog came walking out of some bushes along the pathway, but something was very wrong. The bulldog was tied up with an electrical wire and abandoned. To make matters worse, it was 100° outside. 


The dog was panting and obviously exhausted from the heat and lack of water. The woman, who turned out to be an animal rescuer, quickly ran to free the poor pup. After cutting the wire off, the woman guided the bulldog to a shady area where a rescue van was waiting for them. The pup was very skinny, so it was apparent that he had been left there for some time. 


After getting him some much-needed water, the rescuers transported the bulldog to a shelter where they could give him a bath, or two. The rescuers were able to get rid of all his fleas and soon the bulldog felt much better. The vets found out the dog had a heartworm, so they placed him in a loving foster home where he would be loved until they found his forever home. 

WATCH the video below to see the rescue of this loving bulldog. 


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