A Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple Pie Is The Best Way To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


When I think of iconic childhood meals, the first one that instantly pops into my mind is my mother's cinnamon rolls. She typically prepared them around holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. My brother and I would instantly be awoken by the sweet aroma of cinnamon goodness and we knew just what laid in store in the kitchen!

We would instantly hope straight out of bed and would run as fast as our little legs would carry us straight into the kitchen. We would plop down on a bar stool and patiently wait for our helping. In my opinion, there really isn't anything better than buttery, cinnamon-flavored dough with a sugary icing drizzled atop.


When I happened across this recipe, I was instantly taken back to childhood. With the addition of cinnamon-sugar apples, I knew this had to be a hit! I prepared it that very day for my family and we knew we had struck gold in the dessert department.

If you thought that nothing could be more delicious than a piping hot cinnamon roll, baked to golden-brown perfection and drizzled with a satiny-smooth icing, I’ve got some good news for you! This recipe for a Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple Pie takes all that mouthwatering goodness to a new level. This will be a go-to dessert recipe for you, no doubt about it!


The flavor of cinnamon and apples go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s no surprise why this flavorful dessert has become an instant hit. From the moment it hits your taste buds, you’re sent straight to flavor heaven!

Thanks to the pre-made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and quick homemade apple pie filling, this treat is easier than ever to create. The addition of chopped pecans and ground cinnamon give this a rustic, made-from-scratch feel that will make any dessert lover weak in the knees.

Check out the recipe on the following page to see just how easy it is to make this scrumptious dessert. Beware, it’s going to disappear fast!


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