Sam The German Shepherd Deserves An Academy Award For Her Dramatic 'Playing Dead' Act

June 29, 2017

When it comes to a dog’s life, their main goal is to have fun. Some dogs are highly energetic and play from the time they’re awake until the time they go to sleep. Other dogs find relaxing naps in the sun to be a thrilling experience.

They a multitude of ways they always showing us just how much we mean to them. Some of the most common ways are licks on the arm, nuzzles on the leg, cuddles on the couch, or even presents in the form of giving us their most prized toys.


One of the most popular dog breeds is a German Shepherd. Aside from the fact that they are utterly stunning dogs, they have personalities that make you instantly fall in love them! If you have a German Shepherd, you know what unconditional love looks like. They will do anything in this world for their beloved owner and are always on their side.

While they’ll shower you with affection until Kingdom come, they aren’t overjoyed with strangers. They take the “stranger danger” thing pretty literally and are always in protection mode around those with which they aren’t familiar. This is a comfort to most owners, knowing that their dear canine is always going to have their back no matter what.


They also are incredibly quick learners and are an easy breed to train. In an AKC ranking, German Shepherds came in third place for intelligence! They have a tendency to pick up on a new trick within five repetitions.

A beauty named Sam is living proof of their quick learning skills. Her owner taught her how to do a trick or two, and she’s quite an expert! So far, she’s learned how to sit, lay down, and stay. Her newest trick, though, is one for the books!

With this newfound skill, she’s bringing comedic relief and awe to thousands across the internet. Check out the video to see her award-winning acting performance. Someone should get this girl on the silver screen!

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