Napping Baby Boy Wakes Up With Pure Excitement To His Favorite 4- Legged Friend

June 28, 2017

As Baby Jack woke up from his daily nap, his parents were standing by, ready to capture what was sure to be an adorable reaction to a big surprise. As an excitable little boy, Jack’s big reaction turns out to be far cuter than anyone could have predicted.

Jack, an 11-month-old boy, spends his days playing hard. Like most baby boys, Jack plays fearlessly from the moment he wakes up until the moment his head lays on the mattress. Jack’s parents have their hands full with their little “Carpe Diem” baby. That is, until he naps. The parents of Jack and Sadie say that the only time the house is quiet is when Jack and Sadie take their afternoon naps. However, due to his constant energy, Jack’s naps are very short and peace and quiet are very precious to his parents.

Jack’s daily routine is simple: eat, sleep, play, poop, repeat. His days are made more exciting with the company of his two best friends: his bigger sister, Sadie, and their family cat, Lady. Together, these three have one heck of a good time spending their days making messes and memories.

With Jack quickly asleep, his parents decided to record the upcoming change of Jack going from a sleeping baby to being an extremely excited baby. To wake Jake with the most genuine excitement they could, they recruited one of his favorite things in the world, Lady. 

Jack's parents knew that this was about to be good. Jack and Lady have had a lovable relationship from the beginning with a very special bond. Lady, like most cats, is relaxed and cuddly, something babies and toddlers absolutely love. With Lady being the relaxed kitty that she is, she remained cool and calm as she was carried into Jack's room. She had no clue that she was about to make her debut as an internet sensation.

What was about to happen had Jack's parents in giddy anticipation- with their little guy just moments from realizing his favorite cat was moments away, Jack's dad started rolling the camera. 

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