Adorable Golden Retriever’s Mind Is Blown When A Life Size Version Of Her Favorite Toy Walks In

February 12, 2018

Jolene is an adorable cream-colored Golden Retriever who loves to spend her days playing with her canine sibling or with her adoring parents. Of course, her favorite thing of all time though is her stuffed Gumby toy! She carries it around with her all the time and considers it her best friend.

Her loving parents wanted to reward her for being a good girl by bringing her an amazing new version of her toy. Her father found a Gumby costume and they decided he should dress up and bring her a living, breathing version of her favorite toy of all time!

Jolene was lying on her bed, playing with her Gumby when her dad walked in wearing the costume. She looked up at him curiously, trying to understand what was happening - were her dreams all coming true?

She approached slowly at first, before racing over as fast as her legs could carry her. She immediately jumped up onto him, sniffing him and hugging him. She couldn’t believe her eyes as Gumby reached out to hug her back!

The giant Gumby wrapped her up in his arms and lay down on his back, bringing her down with him! She wriggled excitedly and then jumped to her paws, jumping all over him as she tried to share her excitement with her sibling.

Jolene’s parents were trying to bring some joy and love into her life with their Gumby costume, and I think it’s safe to say they succeeded. Would you dress up like this to reward your pet for being a good boy or girl?