Dog Thinks His Owner Hates The Shower As Much As He Does. Every Time She Showers, He Brings Her His Toy For Comfort

February 09, 2018

It’s a given fact that dogs are some of the most incredible animals on the planet. They are constant companions, willing to stand by our side through thick and thin. No matter how long we are away from them, be it ten minutes or ten days, they always greet us with relentless enthusiasm and shower us with lots of snuggles and kisses.

They have a keen sense of emotion as well. If you’re ever feeling down, they know just what to do to cheer you up. Clark, the mini Goldendoodle, is a perfect example of this. He adores his owner, Rebecca, more than anything in this world.

If he knows she is sad, he always finds a way to bring a smile to her face. One day when Rebecca was in the shower, Clark showed her the ultimate sign of affection and care. She took to Twitter with the story, and the internet went wild.

Clark hates showers. To him, it’s more of a torture device than a method of relaxation. Just the sound of the water running will send him bolting into the other room, quivering in fear. One day when Rebecca was taking a shower, she heard the patter of little paws. She turned around to see a furry brown head peeking around the shower curtain.

Clark stared at her with a sense of urgency and concern as he watched the water relentlessly pour from the shower head. He knew just what he had to do to fix the problem. Moments later, he returned to the side of the shower and offered Rebecca his favorite toy. He dropped it at her feet like an offering.

He sweetly assumed that she feared the shower just as much as he, so he wanted to bring her the ultimate comfort - his squeaky toy. If that’s not a sign of never-ending love, I don’t know what is.

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