After Being Saved From Poachers, This Adorable Baby Rhino Is Recovering With Help Of Her New Best Friend.

June 15, 2017

A best friend is one of the most priceless things in life. Growing up, I had a best friend with the same name as I had. We were inseparable in every way. Kyle was there for me whenever I needed him. When Life got hard, I could call him up and he would make the time to make sure I was ok. The rhino in this story was dealt a very hard start in life, but she found a unique best friend to help her through it.


 One day a little baby rhino was brought to an animal orphanage called Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. The little rhino was in bad shape because she had multiple stab wounds on her body. The brave little rhino had tried to defend her mother from poachers and suffered injuries because of it. The animal shelter, however, was determined to turn her life around. The workers named the rhino J'aime, which means "I love you."


With a lot of love and care, J'aime started to heal and was soon learning lots of new things. She loved rolling in mud and blowing bubbles in her water. Because she was so small, J'aime could not be introduced to bigger rhinos right away. She still learned to enjoy life, however, with the help of her tiny best friend, a little goat. J'aime may have had a hard start in life, but she is learning to live the life she always deserved to live! WATCH the video below to see J'aime and her friends in action.


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