Woman Tells Her Cat To Go To Bed. Cat Makes His Opinion On The Matter Quite Clear In The Most Hilarious Argument We've Ever Heard

June 16, 2017

When it comes to bedtime, you either love it or you hate it - there's no in-between. Once the evening hits, some anticipate the moment they can finally lay their head down and rest after a long, tiring day.

Others cringe at the thought of the day coming to a close and do everything they can to avoid bedtime as long as possible. These scenarios go for humans and animals alike. Even some animals dread the thought of laying their furry little heads down for a good night's snooze.


A pretty stubborn kitty named Max knows this situation all too well. The evening is coming to a close and his owner is getting settled down for the night. As any good parent would do, in part of her evening routine she makes sure Max is all tucked away in his bed before heading off to sleep herself.

Because this routine happens nightly, he has come to expect it. Tonight, though, he's not quite ready for the day to be over. There's still much to do!


As soon as she walks over to usher him to his bed, he has a thing or two to say about it. It's almost as if he rehearsed the conversation long before it even happened.This sassy, teenager-like feline 

This sassy, teenager-like feline goes head-to-head with his mother in the most hilarious pet-and-owner conversation we've ever heard. Watch the video below to see it all go down. Does your pet act like this at bedtime?

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