Iris And Her Feline Friend Thula Have A Purrfect Relationship

June 15, 2017

Therapy animals help people in many different ways. It is not always easy to find the right therapy companion for you or your loved one though. With an autistic child, this becomes even more of a challenge. As was the case with Iris Grace. Iris, a little girl on the autism spectrum was mainly non-verbal until she met her special animal companion.  

Her mother noticed at a very young age that Iris did not like to make eye contact with anyone and was mostly interested in being by herself. Iris was diagnosed when she was two years old. 

She decided to look for a therapy animal for Iris. They tried a horse, but Iris did not seem interested. Next, they tried a dog, but that was a bit of a disaster. Finally, they tried a kitten. 

Iris' mom researched many different cat breeds. Iris had many followers on Facebook due to her paintings and one suggested a Maine Coon cat. 

 From the moment they brought Thula, a Maine Coon cat, home she and Iris started forming a remarkable bond. Soon, Iris and her new feline companion were the best of friends! 


Thula began following Iris around. Everywhere Iris went Thula went too. Thula was Iris' constant companion and her friend. Because of Thula Iris was able to overcome many BIG obstacles. 



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