An Aloof Gaggle Of Geese Experience Real VIP Treatment Along A Busy Interstate

June 27, 2017

After a long day of travel, this family of geese experienced a real red-carpet treatment on their way home. As the family of geese is en route along one of the busiest streets in town, they receive some very iconic escorts.

Geese typically travel together with the mindset of “All for one and one for all!” These devoted birds are known for sticking with their kind; traveling as each other’s shadows, these creatures know what it means to stick together.

During the earliest stages of life, when baby goslings aren’t quite strong enough to fly, geese will walk everywhere. Because of their unbroken loyalty, if one walks- they all walk. This act of family fidelity is best seen when geese travel in a “Gaggle.”

Although ground transportation isn’t their first choice, geese find themselves to be the center of all traffic anytime they are en route via foot. As they pass alongside roads, over bridges, and through park paths, these gaggles of geese stay close to one another.

With nothing but home on the brain, one particular gaggle trotted along the most intense route possible: the ever-busy highway. Appearing calm as if they were along a soft flowing stream, these geese walked with confidence along the busy interstate.

As this gaggle was trotting along the highway, someone decided they needed some protection. As they walked alongside the interstate confidently with their fuzzy little goslings, they were soon accompanied by some additional “fuzz.”

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