As This Guy Records A Guitar Video, His Camera Happens To Capture The True Disposition Of His Pit Bull


Every dog is born good-natured. They come into the world innocent, curious, and full of life. Depending on the circumstances in which they're raised, their personalities can be shaped either in a positive or negative way.

If they're brought up into a home where they're loved and treated as a vital member of the family, they typically turn out to be some of the most adoring pets on the planet. They channel the love they're given into how they treat others.


If they are brought up in abusive living situations, they either can be angry and aggressive or terrified of humans. Dogs like this often give certain breeds a bad reputation. Pit Bulls are a particular breed that tends to fit this description.

Because of this, many people are in fear of Pit Bulls and believe them all to be vicious creatures. If you've grown up around a family who treated their Pit with love and respect, you know they can be some of the sweetest dogs in the entire world.


We recently came across a video of a precious Pit Bull that will melt your heart into a bit 'ole puddle. His name is Doogie and he loves his owner more than life itself. They love to spend their free time together and their favorite hobby is their guitar sessions. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READD MORE AND WATCH THIS ADORABLE VIDEO...

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