3-Legged Adorable Baby Deer Brings Joy Everywhere He Goes

June 22, 2017

 Rudie was only 2 days old when he was brought to the vet clinic. Sadly, the fawn was missing half a leg and it had to be amputated. With only 3 legs now he needed 24-hour care and he would not survive in the wild. Rudie was looking for a loving home to take him in. Luckily, a nurse at the clinic fell in love, and she couldn't resist his charm so he went to live with her.

Did you know the average fawn has 294 -306 spots on them. Cool fact.

The nurse knew she couldn't care for Rudie on her own so she enlisted the help of her two dogs who immediately took the baby deer in and started to help care for him. Rudie has grown so much since he was taken home.

He loves all animals and people. Because of his sweet personality, he started visiting nursing homes to spread love and joy everywhere he goes.

Rudie is proof that love cures all. All he needed was a loving home that cared for him and wanted to see him flourish. We are so happy he found it! Watch this adorable video below and see this 3-legged baby deer run and play with his dog brothers and other animals.

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