Dad Lost His Young Son’s Lunchbox. In Perfect Dad Fashion, He Concocts The Most Brilliant Replacement

June 20, 2017

When you're a child, your biggest goal in life is to have a super stellar lunchbox. If you're one of the "lucky ones", you have the latest, greatest superhero print or the most popular princess pattern. No one wants to carry around a brown paper sack filled with their lunch. That's boring!

Sometimes, your super amazing lunchbox falls in the hands of parents who happen to misplace your treasured item. When that mishap occurs, it feels as though your world is crashing down. Don't they know the importance of your prized possession?!


This very situation happened to a young boy living in the U.K. His father, Mark Hoyle, fell blame. Somehow, amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, the young son's lunchbox got lost in the mix and dad was tasked to save the day. Mark was sent on a mission to find a lunchbox replacement. Simple enough, right?

Much to Mom's surprise, the lunchbox purchased was far different than she had in mind. While Mark was in the supermarket, he came across the lunchbox section and was overcome with disappointment. "I'm not doing it. He'll get bullied with one of them. And by bullied, I don't mean by someone at school - I mean I'll bully him for it. That's how bad they are." Clearly, this dad has a hysterical sense of humor. As it appears in the video, the options were pretty slim and none seemed fit for a fine young fellow.


Before throwing in the towel and calling it quits, Mark had an idea. "There's only really one other place I can try," Mark said in the video. "I'll be honest - I'm not confident. I don't even know if they sell lunchboxes." Despite his doubts, he ventured into the next store in search of a lunchbox. The store he found himself in was the home improvement store. Call it strike of genius or clever madness, but Mark grabbed a particular item off the shelf and headed home.

When he arrived home to show his wife, she began laughing hysterically. She couldn't believe that this was what her husband had chosen for his son! Once Mark demonstrated his vision, she was shocked beyond belief. His crazy idea actually was genius after all! His new creation has gained a lot of attention on the internet. So much so that Mark is now working on his own line of lunchboxes! Check out the video below to see his hilarious journey.

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