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Dog Approaches Baby Horse. As The Canine Gets Closer, You'll Be Amazed At The Colt's Reaction

September 29, 2017

It’s a beautiful day on Grandma's farm; animals are enjoying the clean, fresh air while a one-week-old colt is learning the ways of life. Growing, learning, and discovering new things daily, its eyes are opening up to new activities, experiences, and possibilities every single day, just like this random encounter about to take place between this sweet colt and a cunning canine.

As the dog notices the new baby horse, he immediately approaches the animal and decides to get up close and personal. How will the mother and the baby respond to the intruder? Surprisingly, neither of them reacts. The mother remains calm, and the colt is merely curious about the strange creature sniffing her neck. With no personal space left between the two of them, the bonding time begins. Within a few seconds, they both have found a new best friend.

Right when you think this encounter couldn't get any cuter, the baby horse begins to lick and clean her new-found friend. Taking care of each other already, it's a great start to a beautiful relationship. As their friendship continues to blossom and grow it will be wonderful to see how close they become in the coming years. The love they have for each other is darling, and it's one you'll want to see for yourself.

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