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[VIDEO] Dog Can't Seem To Recognize Owner Who Has Been Gone Over A Month! Then He Gives Him A Sniff! His Reaction Is PRICELESS!

April 26, 2017

We have all heard it said that dogs are "Man's Best Friend". 

It is true, you will not find many connections that are as special as a dog and their human companion! 

Shane and his dog Willie are living proof of that! 

Shane unfortunately caught a nasty flu and ran into some severe complications that landed him in the hospital for 5 weeks! 

During that time, Shane lost 50 pounds! This obviously gave him a much different look when he returned home! 

Shane was so excited to see his dog when he got home, but Willie didn't seem to recognize Shane at all! 

Even when Shane would call Willie the dog would only bark in alarm! 

So, Shane sat down and waited; soon Willie came close enough to give him a sniff! 

INSTANTLY Willie recognized his best friend and went absolutely bonkers! 

Willie couldn't contain his excitement, so he took a few laps around the yard! 


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