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These Tiny, But Speedy Babies Are Adorable!

May 30, 2017

The North African elephant shrew, also known as the African Sengi by many, is a tiny insectivorous mammal that resides in Africa. I first learned of this cute critter while watching a documentary called Hidden Kingdoms that my son is obsessed with. He loves mice and thinks that anything small and furry must be a mouse! 

While these adorable creatures may be sized more like a species of the shrew family, they are actually more closely related to their namesake the elephant. See that long snout? Does it remind you of anything?


Sengis are a diurnal creature which means they are most active during the day. You would think with being so small, the sengi would have many predators after it. It has one great advantage though, even though it may be tiny, it is also extremely speedy! In fact, it is the world's fastest small mammal, running at speeds that for its body size are faster than that of a cheetah! 

 Ready to see these adorable speedy babies? 


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