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Geese Yell And Sprint Toward Owner Upon Her Return. The Animals' Reaction Is Hilarious!

September 14, 2017

When it comes to going on trips or running errands, does absence really make the heart grow fonder in your pet’s heart? For those who have cats or dogs, the answer is almost always yes. They miss you and definitely look forward to your arrival, even if you just leave them for a few minutes. Whether you walk into the other room for a split second or leave to go on vacation, the time away from each other is always too long and they truly want to be in your presence, 24/7.

In this video, you will be pleasantly surprised that dogs and cats are not the only animals that look forward to reuniting with their loved ones. In this scene, the owner returns from being away and yells, “Where’s my babies!” In a split second her two babies come running and screaming with excitement. They are not your typical pets, however. They are, in fact, two geese named Dooby and Mickey. They come running, full speed toward their mommy, yelling the whole time they are sprinting. Her return has made them the happiest animals on the planet, and nothing at this moment in time seems to matter except rejoining their mom.

Their excitement and their all-out-sprint toward their owner makes for the most adorable reunion. They act as though she’s been gone for years but, in reality, she has probably been absent for only an hour luncheon or a quick trip to the grocery store. Their love for their owner is adorable; this video will leave you laughing, it’s so hilarious!

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