Here Is An INCREDIBLE Tip On How To Soften Your Butter Quicker Than Ever

May 12, 2017

Baking is such a tedious process. Unlike cooking a traditional meal on a stovetop or grill, you have to always be sure to follow recipes exactly as written.

If you stray ever so slightly from the specifications, you could end up with a disaster on your hands. I have found myself in that exact situation before and, believe me, it doesn't end pretty!

Some baking recipes call for cold butter and others call for melted or room temperature butter. For example, baking recipes always specifically what type of butter should be used and there is always a good reason for why it needs to be in that particular state.


Softened and melted butter might seem like they're fairly similar, but they act vastly different when baked. Cakes and cookies are generally made when you cream softened butter and sugar together.

If your butter is melted, you could have runny cookies or soggy cakes. Yeast bread needs the melted form so that it blends easily with the warm water, yeast, and sugar.


If you find yourself in need of some softened butter so you can whip up a quick batch of cookies before company arrives, what do you do? You definitely don't have time to leave it sitting out on the counter to soften to room temperature and zapping it in the microwave is surely out of the question.

We have discovered a way to soften your butter within minutes to the perfect consistency for baking, spreading on toast, or whatever your need might be.


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