Cutest Little Dock Jumpers I have Ever Seen

May 13, 2017


A female duck sits on her eggs for about 28 days and then it takes about 24 hours for her babies to emerge from their eggs. Did you know that the ducklings only stay in the nest about 10 hours to dry off after birth and then their mama leads them to the water for their first swimming lesson? 


Mother ducks are very protective of their young and keep them near them for about 50-60 days until they are ready to survive on their own. Their mama teaches them all they need to know to be able to survive on their own in the wild. 


Ducklings are able to feed themselves as soon as they get to the water. The tricky thing is learning what makes a good meal and what is not easily digestible or even edible. Ducks are omnivores, meaning that they eat both meat and plants. Some species of ducks actually dive quite deep down into the water to find their food.  

The mother duck in our video today leads her young to the edge of a dock, jumps in and then calls for them to follow suit. I'm not sure if that means they are diving ducks or not, but they sure are cute! 

Wasn't that the mosts adorable thing you have seen today? 

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