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Homeless Cat Surprises Everyone When It Shows Up On The Marlins Baseball Field And Makes An Amazing Escape. What Happens The Next Day Shocks Everyone [VIDEO]

May 04, 2017

Picture this... it's opening day at the Marlins field in Miami, Florida. Joy is in the air, hotdogs are in the hands of people young and old and you can smell the excitement, from miles away, as the fans predict a WINNING season.

The attendance that night was 36,519, plus one. Here's why...

The game was in full motion, then out of left field (pun intended), a homeless, terrified gray cat appears. It scurried along the outfield track, running away from right fielder Giancarlo Stanton. Then crawled up the center field wall and then appeared to get stuck, with nowhere else to turn. This is surely something unexpected. I bet that this is not what fans anticipate when they arrived at the stadium that evening, but you know what they say, "You never know what a day will bring."

Marlins center fielder Christian Yelich said,"It was scared," he said of the cat. "I wasn't about to touch it. It ran right at me out of the stands. It ran. I just let it go. I wasn't about to try to catch it."

To say the least, it was highly entertaining for fans to watch in the stadium and at home.

But the story gets even better, it has a happy ending. This lucky "Rally Cat", as the team called it, was named Don Cattingly. And to everyone's surprise, he has found a forever home with one of the team's employees. Yay! 

The announcers in this video sure do have the best commentating and make the video funny.

Watch the video below: