Six Little Known Spring Flower Facts

May 06, 2017

I love a good spring rain and they are even nicer when a rainbow is involved! One of the very best things about spring is the lovely flowers that all of those showers bring to us. 

1. Daffodils are among some of the first that appear, with their bright yellow or white faces. A little known fact to many people is that the daffodil is the official 10th wedding anniversary flower. 


2. Tulips are also seen fairly early. I just love the wide array of colors you can find in tulips! Did you know that in 1638 the very rare and beautiful Semper Augustus variety of tulip was advertised to be sold for as much as a fine house cost then? Unfortunately, that variety no longer exists today. 

3. Peonies produce large and often fragrant blooms. Did you know that the Chinese call the Peony the Flower Fairy?



4. Due to their sweet aroma the delicate freesia flower is one of the most popular in the world. Most flowers have special meanings and the freesia stands for trust, purity and friendship. 

5. Pansies are a favorite for early spring because they prefer the cooler weather. Did you know pansies are high in Vitamins A & C and are an edible flower? Care for a pansy salad anyone? 


 6. Last, but certainly not least we have the lilac. At only 3 weeks, lilacs have the shortest blooming time of all flowers. The Celtics saw the lilac as magical because of it's intoxicating aroma. I'm guessing they were not allergic to it. ;)  


Don't you just love springtime flowers? What is your favorite springtime flower?

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