It Has Been 50 Years Since Anyone In Her Family Has Given Birth To A Boy. See This Women's Reaction To Meeting Her Son

June 19, 2017

 It has been over 50 years since any women in Dara Crouch's family has given birth to a baby boy. It's been GIRL, GIRL, GIRL, all sugar and spice and everything nice. This making having a boy seem almost impossible.

Dara, a labor and delivery nurse, figured she pretty much knew exactly what to expect when it came to her own delivery. But her surprised expression says it all. Neely Kerr-Fox a photographer and friend caught the incredible reaction on April 25. Dara's face shows nothing utter shock.

"I just knew I was having a girl,” the 29-year-old from Columbus, Georgia, told TODAY.


She said she felt “shock more than anything” after four hours of labor, when she met her newborn son, Liam, now 7 weeks old. Even her friend, Ker-Fox, a  photographer who has shot more than 100 births said, “I’ve seen surprises, but Dara had by far the most genuine reaction,” she told TODAY.

If you couldn't tell by her facial expression she just broke the 50-year-old running streak of GIRLS!! SURPRISE ITS A....

 BOY. “Oh my gosh! It’s a boy; I can’t believe it’s a boy!” Dara said. Even her husband Eric was in total shock.

 “As a labor and delivery nurse, you get the emotions going on in the room … you sometimes bond a lot when you’ve been taking care of someone for 12-plus hours,” Crouch said of her work. “But nothing compares with the excitement I felt with Liam.”We are so happy for the Crouch family! Congratulations on the new addition!! Time to start getting used to the color BLUE!!! 

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