9-Months-Pregnant Mom Records Her Baby’s Vigorous Movements Inside The Womb - And The Fascinating Footage Captivates The Entire World!

November 30, 2017

One of the most profound mysteries in the world is the development of a human being. It’s incredibly fascinating and, regardless of the science that goes into understanding it, it is truly miraculous. If you’re pregnant or have ever been pregnant, then you know what I’m talking about!

Many women dream of one day becoming pregnant; it’s something that is etched into our brains at an early age, and yearning to, one day, carry a child is a nearly-universal desire. Even though pregnancy has been, and will undoubtedly always be, the only way by which a child is borne, there is still an overwhelming sense of mystery wrapped around it.

Think about it! The journey of a baby is utterly fascinating! Every single human starts out as a simple egg; once the egg is fertilized, it develops rapidly to become an embryo. The embryo is nourished by way of the placenta, which provides a safe environment for all future prenatal development. From there, a baby will grow - with nothing more than nutrients supplied by the mama! At just six weeks old, the new life has a heartbeat, and just two weeks later, the embryo becomes known as a fetus. These early stages are the most critical to the baby’s development, laying the foundation for the baby’s health and impacting his entire life!

By month five, the little one inside has gone from a fetus to an official baby; it’s easy to discern the gender and to distinguish fingers, hair, and a full face. Again, the mystery evolves! During month seven, the baby starts to outgrow the confined space and becomes fidgety. This is when things get really interesting! Babies constantly move around in the womb, in a futile attempt to get comfortable. Most of the time, the mom shares every nudge, kick, and stretch! It’s a truly intimate experience to feel your child moving on his own. One mom wanted to capture these precious moments and what she ended up with has captivated millions!!

This mama is a booming nine-months pregnant when she decides to film her tummy. She sets the camera near her face, facing down toward the womb, and she anxiously waits for some movement. After a moment, her baby moves, letting her know he is there.

All at once, something amazing happens! Her baby makes strong pushes against her belly, enough to take her breath away! The mom is so excited to see her baby moving so well on his own and continues to film. What she captures would later go viral, but at this moment, she simply enjoys watching her little one scurry around.

Check out the incredible video, below, and be sure to let us know what you think! Has this ever happened to you?

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