Lobstah The Cat Was Born With A Rare Deformity, But That Wasn't The Biggest Challenge That He Faced In His Young Life

October 05, 2017

When John and Leda Bigelow went to their local shelter to find a cat, they weren't expecting to fall for one with a rare birth defect, but that is just what happened. Lobstah was born with one paw that looked like a lobster claw! The couple noticed the kitten's lobster-like paw almost immediately but knew there was much more to him than met the eye. 


The shelter worker explained to them that Lobstah had been born with the claw and was recovering from recent surgery. You see, the poor thing was not only born with a unique claw on his paw, but he was also born without a sternum! He had to undergo emergency surgery soon after he was rescued and, miraculously, the vet was able to save his life.


It was evident to the Bigelows that this cat was a one-of-a-kind gem that deserved a very special home. They felt that they were the right family for Lobstah and took him in as their purr-fect companion. Lobstah is proof that every cat's life has value and they all deserve a loving fur-ever home! Watch Lobstah in action and see how he doesn't let his hopeless beginning define him!

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