In What May Be The Sweetest Video Of The Year, Dad Serenades Baby Girl And Her Adorable Reaction Is Priceless

January 25, 2018

My husband has always said that during the baby stage, I'm the food and comfort source while he is the entertainment. Now, don't get me wrong,...

Frightened And Sick, Pit Bull Puppy Maya Had Never Known Love From Human Hands

January 24, 2018

Many stigmas surrounding the American Pit Bull Terrier have made people scared of the breed and what they could do if provoked. For this reason, they...

One Woman Has Made It Her Mission To Save And Train 'Misunderstood' Dogs To Serve The Community

January 23, 2018

Over three million dogs a year find themselves sitting in a cell at an animal shelter waiting for the day somebody takes them home to love....

Two-Legged Wonder Dog Proves That You Don't Have To Be Born Perfect To Inspire Others

January 22, 2018

Animals that are born less than perfect are at a disadvantage from the beginning. If they are born missing a limb or limbs, their life not...

In A Rare And Candid Interview The Queen Opens Up About The Coronation And She Has Everyone Laughing Along With Her

January 18, 2018

Some things in this world are a mystery to most of the population. The majority of us have never attended a coronation of a King or...

Kate Follows In Princess Diana's Footsteps By Supporting A Cause Dear To Her Heart-Children's Mental Health

January 15, 2018

After sending her own little one off to nursery school this week, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Reach Academy in Feltham, London. The academy is one...

Kate Middleton Proves That Just Because You Are Married To A Prince, Doesn't Mean You Can't Be A Bit Frugal

January 12, 2018

Because she is married to a Prince, you may think that Kate Middleton never wears the same outfit more than once. That probably seems more than...

The Newest Royal Couple Visits A Youth-Led Radio Station And All The Media Wants To Talk About Is Her Messy Hair

January 11, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan stepped out for their second official appearance since announcing their engagement, the first being Christmas with the Royal family of course. Next...

Royal Baby News! The Duke And Duchess Aren't The Only Couple Adding To The Royal Family This Year

January 11, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced that they would be adding another little royal to the family in April of this year, but they aren't...

The Royal Family Had A Busy Year In 2017, Check Out These Top 8 Moments That Had Us All Talking

January 09, 2018

I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail, but they are even more special when they arrive with an annual family update. It is always a...