Man Takes In 15 Shelter Cats. When You See The Kitty Paradise He Built Them You Will Wish You Lived There, Too

October 03, 2017

We are all familiar with the term "crazy-cat-lady" and many of us, myself included, can admit to being at least a little bit of one. What about a "crazy-cat-guy" though? Peter Cohen, who has rescued 15 shelter cats, meets that description quite well!

It all started when he moved into his house, and there were already two cats residing on the outside. Sadly, both cats were run over, and only one survived. He felt that the lonely kitty needed some friends and went and got a couple.

What began with just a few would soon become many more! Yes, he has rescued a total of 15 cats so far, and they all live inside his house in California. Wanting the cats to be as comfortable as possible in their new home, he began to remodel his house until it was fit for a feline, or 15 felines to be exact!

When people first walk into Cohen’s house, they don’t realize that he resides with so many frisky felines - that is until the guests look up and begin to notice the catwalks all along the ceilings, the brightly painted murals, and the many other cat-like features in the dwelling.

Cohen says that once the first catwalk was constructed in 1995 things just escalated from there, and he has since spent between $40k-$50k on the catwalks alone - not to mention all of the climbing structures, perches, archways, tunnels and the cats’ favorite feature, the koi pond. The crazy cat guy does not do this just for the cats though; he makes sure the features are visually and aesthetically pleasing to the human eye as well.

What an absolutely purr-fect paradise for cats that were once lonely and in need of a home! I would love to be able to have this feature in my home for my kitties. Check out this artistic kitty playground in the video, below, and tell me you don’t love the super sweet names of those 15 cats!

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