Mama Bear With 5 Cubs Abandons One In The Middle Of The Road. Cop Stops To Rescue The Little Guy. But Wait, There’s More...

October 09, 2017

We've all seen a mama animal and her babies trying to cross the street. We stop and wait as they make their way to the other side, safely. I have to say that I’ve never seen this before, though. A mama bear is out with her four cubs when the unthinkable happens; mama bear abandons one of her cubs to save the other three. That's when one officer stumbles upon the tiny cub in the road.

“After doing some bear-traffic control we had to take one bear cub in for Fish and Game to be rehabilitated as it was too weak to keep up with its mom and siblings,” wrote the police department. With an even crazier turn of events, they discovered that another cub, clearly the runt of the litter, was also left behind by her mother and siblings. This little girl was as lucky as her other sibling; she was found and rescued, just in time!!


“This is the mother that had five cubs out in Bretton Woods, another cub [the runt of the litter] had to be picked up yesterday as well. This leaves her with three other very healthy cubs that she can now focus on and take care of. The other two will be rehabilitated and returned to the wild when they are stronger,” said the police department.

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