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Dog Works Right Alongside His Owner Keeping Animals And People Safe. It's A Daily Job That Will Leave You Amazed!

October 10, 2017

Piper, a Border Collie, has a hugely important job that he shines at daily. Working as a wildlife manager at an airport, he chases birds and animals off the runways. Not only does this job help with the safety of wildlife and passengers, but it also keeps flights operating smoothly with fewer delays. A very important job indeed, plus he gets to have fun in the process. Right when you think this story couldn't get any cuter, it does; this charming canine gets to work right alongside someone special, his dad. While working at the airport, the owner contemplated how fun it would be if he had the chance to bring his fur baby to work with him every single day, and so this great idea was developed, resulting in a fabulous opportunity and a win for the both of them.

Many airports use a cap gun to scare the animals blocking the runway, which works efficiently for a short while but can become less intimidating once they become familiar with the loud blast. The animals, however, always see a dog chasing them as being an incredible threat, so you can bet that animals are going to scatter. Training for around a year and a half, Piper put in the hours and intense training. He continues to love his job and always makes sure to do a phenomenal job of chasing but never catching.

Always keeping the safety of Piper as a top priority, the company provides him with the equipment he needs that allows him to do his job well. This hard-working canine wears protective goggles that shield his eyes from the brightness of the sun, dirt, or any other harmful elements that he might encounter during the course of his day. He's also given a safety vest that minimizes the possibility of receiving cuts or scratches. There is also a handle located on top of the vest that allows someone to hoist him into a vehicle at any given time. Many of us are aware of just how intelligent these loyal companions can be, but after watching this video, you'll be even more amazed! Enjoy!

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