Playful Fox Finds A Dog’s Toy In The Snow And It Has A Grand Old Time Bounding Around With It

December 29, 2017

Foxes are some of the most playful animals around, even if you don’t always think so at first glance! They love to have a good time, playing with their friends and bounding through the snow. One adorable fox in Levittown, Pennsylvania, got his paws on a dog’s toy and found himself having one of the greatest times of his year!

As he bounced through the snow, he picked up the little, stuffed toy and threw it high into the air. As the toy flew through the air, he performed some truly wonderful flips as he chased after it. As the snow fluttered down from the sky, he picked up the toy and shook it as hard as he could, sending it across the yard.

The dog’s owners had left the toys out when the snowstorm started! They decided that the weather was too cold, and the toys would still be there after the snow, making way for the fox’s fun! They were shocked when they first spotted the fox in their yard, but they were completely amazed when they realized just what he was up to!

The fox apparently hung around for hours, enjoying his time with his newfound toys! We’re sure that this chance to kick back and relax was truly enjoyed by the animal who probably doesn’t get the chance very often! While the canine whose toys he claimed was surely missing his toys, we’re glad that he had to share them this time around!